Rob Portman (OH Senate Cand, R), At Least, Believes In The Constitution

Rob Portman is running for US Senate in Ohio against Lt. Governor Lee Fisher. I thought this race was worth mentioning just now, at a time when our otherwise solid partners in the fight to defend the 2nd Amendment have gone squishy, because there are more gun rights groups out there than just the NRA. Opportunists though they have proven themselves to BE of late, the NRA ain’t the only show in town. [Note: If our Dear Leader is to be believed, we may yet find a way to get the NRA to come to their senses about that moron Reid in Nevada before it’s too late.]


And while the NRA and Reid saga unfolds, the Buckeye Firearms Association In Ohio has just quietly endorsed Rob Portman. What’s worth noting here is what they said when they released their presser:

Ohio’s gun owners need Rob Portman in the United States Senate. Not only is Portman the clearly superior choice over anti-gun Lee Fisher, the Senate will play a key role in any gun legislation. Gun owners need a clear pro-gun majority in the Senate and Portman is one key to that goal.

Additionally, should the current administration attend to ratify any United Nations treaties dealing with international gun control, the Senate must ratify any treaty. A pro-gun majority is critical to protecting our gun rights and the United States Constitution.

Ohioans, and all Americans, need Rob Portman as our next U.S. Senator.

Lest we forget, SCOTUS just upheld the 2nd Amendment, and reaffirmed our right to keep and bear arms, regardless where we live…and regardless Liberal whining and gnashing of teeth to the contrary. To his credit, Portman has a pretty clear message about where he stands on 2nd Amendment issues…and he issued a statement in support of the decision SCOTUS handed down which upheld what most of the rest of us already believed.


Anyway, I decided to see what all the fuss was about inre: Portman’s opponent, Lee Fisher…and as I wandered around the world wide web looking for more background on him and the allegation about his being anti-gun, I stumbled upon a short video clip I think is worth watching. Before we jump below the fold to watch it, I think you should do a quick skim of this little beauty; minutes of a meeting Fisher attended when on the board at Handgun Control, Inc.

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On to the video:

I can’t help but wonder how Fisher squares his having helped found Handgun Control, Inc. (now absorbed by and his lengthy membership with that organization… and his statements in support of hunters and sportsmen. It’s especially odd that he would say guns and gun ownership has “never been an issue” for him, given where he comes from on the gun issue. He really can’t square these things, of course, though it seems he’s worried that being anti-gun in a hunting/outdoorsman sort of state might cost him an election.

It’s this sort of Politician we need least of all in Washington after the mid-terms; swearing in opportunists with no real connection to their constituents has routinely resulted in terrible legislation that hurts only the people…and NEVER the Political heroes that voted to make them law. We’ve had enough of those guys; they only make matters worse for us back here at home.


It’s a safe bet this Senate will not get to that foolish treaty Hillary signed with the UN and Obama approved. But it WILL come up in the next session, and Fisher makes my top 5 list of Senators that is not qualified to cast a vote on the matter. I think the Buckeye Firearms Association In Ohio is 100% right here, and I hope Ohioans agree come November 2.


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