NH-1: Guinta Has *Got* To Go

I write about so many races I can’t actually vote in that it’s especially refreshing to come back to this one for a closer look two months running since my original piece on New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District race.


Back in late May I did a generic overview of this District in which I outed the flaming liberal Carol Shea-Porter for the “out of touch with Granite staters” Democrat she was, and offered a list of the 4 GOP candidates vying for the GOP nod in New hampshire’s September 14, 2010 primary. CQ Politics, for what it’s worth, is calling this one a “Tossup” and WaPo has it as a “Race to Watch.”

Back then I was a resident of Texas, and as such played it somewhat “middle of the road.” As luck, or in my case the Lord’s divine providence, would have it…now I am a resident of New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District and I ain’t so impartial anymore. I’ll get to why I’m going all-in for Sean Mahoney in this race in a minute…let’s talk about the so-called “front-runner” Guinta first as the means by which I can explain myself.

Guinta found himself in my crosshairs when I came across this piece from Real Clear Politics yesterday. Referring to a story about Kelly Ayotte’s remark that Guinta was grandstanding the Stimulus bill…vowing he’d have voted against it while complaining that NH hadn’t yet benefitted adequately from it. Kelly Ayotte, if you don’t know, is the front-running Republican looking to fill retiring Judd Gregg’s Senate seat.


In the case of Guinta, principles seem to vary depending on whether he’s talking as a Mayor or as a Candidate for the US House pandering for a couple votes…apparently. And I could almost forgive him this little item; as mayor he has to oversee the provision of services to his residents (Manchester, for the record) whether HE would have redistributed those funds from the Fed coffers or not…he insists he’s just trying to do what he was elected to do. That the Stimulus is essentially water under the bridge now gives him a bit of a pass. It’s what RCP goes ON to say about Guinta’s policy positions that set off all my Rino alarms, and convince me he can not be trusted to stand by the principles we Conservatives are expecting our candidates to espouse when we send them to Washington to set about cleaning up the mess Obama and his buddies have made of our Country.

From RCP:

But wait, there’s more! Candidate Guinta is also making a big deal out of his opposition to cap-and-trade and the like. As for Mayor Guinta, well, scroll down this list. He signed onto the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement (pdf), which endorsed the Kyoto protocol emissions targets.

Guinta also signed on (pdf) to the Sierra Club’s Cool Cities Agreement. That’s sure to play well in a Republican primary in New Hampshire.


Folks, it’s pretty darn cold in New Hampshire in the winter. Cap & Trade is not only a job killer, but the pressure on energy prices and the huge increase in taxes (directly or indirectly) passed on to us by energy providers will KILL Granite Staters. Oil is a primary source of heat in the winter time up here, and winter usually runs upwards of 5 or 6 months. We can not afford to have ANYONE in Congress that might support Cap & Trade…and we certainly can’t afford its effects here in the North East. And, I honestly don’t trust a guy like Guinta to stand up to the pressure from the Liberals and the activists and the lobbyists and the green freaks like the Sierra Club once he’s in Washington if he’s already succumbed to them here in New Hampshire. Nope-Guinta will JUST not do.

So, on to my guy – Sean Mahoney. He has a biography page and he has an issues page and, of course he has a DONATE page. You can visit these in any order, so long as you interact with that last one there if you can. As much as I support this guy on the merits, he had me at this paragraph from his bio:

In January, 2007 Sean was elected as New Hampshire’s Committeeman to the Republican National Committee by a vote of 302-102. During his tenure as RNC Committeeman, Sean has been a forceful advocate for maintaining New Hampshire’s time-tested First in the Nation Primary. While serving on the RNC Rules Committee, the RNC codified New Hampshire’s leadoff role in the presidential primary, the first time either major party had taken such a strong position in recognition of New Hampshire’s vital role in electing presidents. In December, 2008, Sean stood up the establishment and co-sponsored a resolution opposed to government bailouts of the banks and other private industries. In April, 2010, Sean resigned from the RNC in protest of excessive spending at the RNC.


How can you NOT love a guy that won’t sit still for the Party machine and its shenanigans? He had me at “resigned from the RNC in protest of excessive spending at the RNC.”


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