NRSC Endorses Castle (R [sorta] Delaware)?

Or so one might think, given this screen cap from a couple days ago. Now, Cornyn and the kids have been known to get a few wrong in the past, to be sure, but really? Throwing up Castle’s picture in the roatating candidates section, given that he’s not even officially on the ballot yet smells terribly of the same self-inflicted doom the NRSC has long-suffered in other places around the country.


They DO have the list of candidates correct should you navigate to their “Senate Races” page…but even THAT is off, given who IS and who is NOT officially registered with the Delaware Secretary of State.

It should come as no surprise that the website, NOW, has no rotating image of Castle on it. Do we give these clowns a pass? Do we accept the apology (that I doubt will ever come) to the other R candidate who IS registered with the DE SoS? Do we ask these guys, AGAIN, why they keep sticking their noses into races that haven’t even held their primaries yet?

Perhaps we could ask them why the inner circle of their good ol’ boy network has been giving Castle a bunch of cash for almost a year now, or why a Senator From Utah (who fancies himself the Vice Chairman of the NRSC) would be trying so hard to “fix” a race that the constituents of Delaware should be allowed to decide for themselves. Is endorsing and giving money to Castle before he even gets registered on the ballot…let alone actually wins the primary…in the best interests of Delaware? Or is just in the best interests of the boys running the show at the NRSC? Was Castle’s pic really an oversight, or are these guys up to no good…again?


I can’t figure out, STILL, whose side Cornyn and his cronies are even on.

[Note: This post originates at 73Wire]


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