Rooting For Injuries, Episode #29,365

We’re told the Sestak debacle was no big deal; Bubba just had a little sit-down with him to talk about their futures. We’re being told now that the Romanoff mess was no big deal either. Same for the Massa shower scene with Rahm Emanuel, the Blago “Senate seat for sale” circus that’s underway now in a Chicago court room, the Stupak sellout, the earmarks handed out in exchange for votes, and God only knows what other chitty chats that have taken place (and continue to) behind the scenes in the Obama regime™


It’s been said that this is not news if every other President has done these sorts of things, and that we should stop picking on the poor defenseless and inexperienced young Executive Obama. We were told by Pelosi, Reid, and most especially the Benevolent Bambi himself, that theirs would be the most transparent Government in History…no more “business as usual” in DC ever again. What to make, then, of WH Press Secretary Gibbs’ assertion today that the Romanoff issue “doesn’t mean we aren’t transparent?”:

“I do believe we’ve been transparent, yes,”

It’s a lie, of course, and anyone interested in being objective about the games Politicians play can plainly see that it’s a lie. It’s ok though because it’s a lie we’ve been trained to recognize, accept, and move on from as we shrug our shoulders and mumble something under our breath about this stuff just being the nature of the beast.

What makes this Gibbs moment unique, however, is not the lie he told about Romanoff as he pitched Obama’s plausible deniability, but the lie he can’t un-tell…should it re-surface (and we know it’s only a matter of time) some time down the road [emphasis mine]:

He later added, speaking of the president: “We went through a pretty contested primary. They’re not altogether fun things. Does the leader of the party have an interest in ensuring that primaries that tend to be costly aren’t had so that you’re ready for a general election? Of course.”

Asked if there had been other such efforts to clear contested primaries, Gibbs replied, “not that I’m aware of.”


Of COURSE he may not “be aware of any” but they’ll bubble up all the same as the campaign season heats up. Gibbs’ oopsie here is in wanting us to believe there are no more of these “less than transparent moments” in the hope that we’ll let it alone and move on. Pass the popcorn folks; when the next one of these backroom (or shower stall) quid pro quo deals comes up, Gibbs and Obama will be OPEN game for being called liars AND establishing that Obama really IS just business as usual without a transparent bone in his body…


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