Iran Is a Lying Bunch of Liars

So, Israel dropped a bombshell on the global media today after dropping actual bombs on Iranian installations in Syria last night. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed that Mossad was able to acquire half a ton of Iranian documents on their nuclear program.


The size of what was stolen is truly staggering, but it didn’t quite reveal  what many were hoping to see: a smoking gun that proved Iran was still working to get its nuclear weapon after it had pledged to stop in 2015. While the international community says Iran has stopped, what exactly is in the over 100,000 documents has yet to be fully understood. What is likely to be learned is just how close Iran was/is to the weapon, according to their own internal documents.

Israel and others have always just been guessing, some more educated than others, at where Iran exactly is in its development of a nuclear weapon. This matters to Israel, because Iran has been threatening to destroy them since the Iranian revolution brought the Mullahs to power in 1979. This is particularly vital because Iran has threatened to walk away from the Deal several times since President Trump took office in 2017.


When Iran says they will “walk away” from the Deal they’re really saying “we will restart our nuclear weapons program.” And that part — that critical part — is what scares the Israelis to the point of preemptive strikes. That is not going to get better with Iran building more installations in Syria, it is actually going to do the opposite.

Iran has masterfully kept the regional focus on the Iran Deal, otherwise known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. It’s the UN Security Council making Iran sign a piece of paper saying they won’t build nukes and as a reward they get money that’s been frozen due to sanctions, as well as having the sanctions lifted. President Trump has not verified that Iran is complying with the deal. Instead, he has chosen  to extend the deal every 90 days exactly as his predecessor Barack Obama did.

The Iranians feel this is all a coordinated attempt by Western powers to undermine their regional influence. And the Iranians are one hundred percent right. Israel is not bound by the Iran Deal, nor have they ever once asked permission to defend themselves when they thought it necessary (See: Six Days War). The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Bahrain are all not constrained by the Iran Deal. They, too, have all expressed concern or downright terror at the thought of a cash-flushed Iranian Regime operating unchecked in the region, let alone becoming a nuclear power.


This is not “Western meddling.” The region, Iran’s neighbors, are sick to death of Iran’s regional adventurism of revenge and spite that the regime needs to portray to maintain its domestic power. It’s bad for business and it’s bad for everyone. Now all eyes are turned to May 12th and whether or not President Trump will fix, nix, or kick the deal down the road for another 90 days.

Redstate will be there when it happens.


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