Jordan Cancels Palestinian President's Citizenship

It is being reported that the Government of Jordan has revoked the citizenship of the President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority and 30 other Palestinian officials.


This is a very significant development in the region and is a clear indication that Israel’s neighbors do not want to see a larger war to be born out of the Syrian Civil war. If that sounds a bit odd it’s understandable, but the bottom line is Iran funds conflicts in multiple places in the region. Their efforts with the Palestinians are probably their best-known campaign which is very popular among many on the political left in the Western world.

As the war winds down in Syria all those Iranian-backed forces that are armed to the teeth will run out of opposition to kill and the fear is they will turn and march on Israel. It’s a real fear because Iran has been telling anyone who will listen for 39 years that they will wipe Israel off of the map.

This move by Jordan is in line with a broader rapprochement with Israel by Sunni Arabs in the region. Jordan is just the latest to follow suit. RedState will provide more details once they are available.


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