Wow, Even the MSM Is Calling BS on the DNC's Russia Lawsuit [WATCH]

Yesterday, the Democratic National Committee announced that they were filing a suit against any and all meanie-heads who cost them the 2016 Presidential election.


Yesterday, Senator Claire McCaskill called it a “silly distraction” and now today CNN Chief Political analyst, Gloria Borger, says the lawsuit is “100 percent stunt” to raise campaign funding, on CNN no less.

Borger also noted that the Democrats have already stuffed their coffers off the narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the Presidency. Borger said they want to “get in the act”. Quite a telling slip; is it all an act?

She also says “they want to keep the story moving ” which is understandable as the actual story is that Democrats ran a candidate no one likes and didn’t even campaign in Wisconsin. One would think it would be a humiliation Democrats would like to forget happened. But apparently, it is easier and more lucrative to file a lawsuit against the people who beat them than it is to develop a better message to reach voters.

Such childishness, but alas these charades are likely to become more common as the midterm election season heats up.



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