New Polls Shows the Majority of Texans Do Not Support Building a Wall

Ramon Lopez, right, and Arturo Villarreal board up windows of a business in Galveston, Texas as Hurricane Harvey intensifies in the Gulf of Mexico Friday, Aug. 25, 2017. Harvey is forecast to be a major hurricane when it makes landfall along the middle Texas coastline. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Quinnipiac University released the results of a poll conducted in Texas that yielded some surprising results. A sizable majority, nearly 2:1, of Texans support the National Guard being used to secure a very large border with Mexico in Texas.


An even larger majority, nearly 3:1, said illegal immigrants coming across the border illegally was an “important” problem. But this doesn’t mean they think a wall along the border is necessary. The reason for that variance lies entirely with the African-American voters who support the national guard being on the border but not a wall.

The most shocking statistic as 55% of white voters without a college degree think “Dreamers,” people brought here illegally, should be able to stay in the country. Also shocking was the fact that Latino voters nearly split on the national guard being used. These numbers, while a small sample of Texans, contradict what has been said about how identity politics factors into voting.  

Texas is really red state and what a poll like this indicates is people apparently want good immigration enforcement policy but not a policy constructed of spite. President Trump seems to have the popular support to tackle immigration, but he could be impeded in completing his pet project: The Wall.


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