Greitens Indictment: Judge Scolds Prosecutor, but Does Not Dismiss the Case

Missouri’s Governor Eric Greitens is under indictment for allegedly taking a picture of a woman he was cheating on his wife with and sending it on a digital device, which is felony invasion of privacy. Two big developments broke on the story today.


First, Greitens’ lawyers filed a motion to have the case dismissed due to the fact that the prosecution failed to provide the defense with evidence during the discovery phase. Judge Rex Burlison chastised the prosecution for the lack of regard for basic process rules of criminal prosecution. Burlison said, “I’m not going to enter an order saying, ‘Everyone play by the rules.’ I’m going to assume everyone plays by the rules.”

Burlison also said that he found Prosecutor Kim Gardner’s claim that the defense’s motion was “frivolous” as troubling. The prosecution’s entire case has been troubling from when it was filed to who gathered the evidence for the St. Louis City prosecutors. In fact, Gardner blames the out-of-state investigators she hired. The Kansas City Star reported,

“Prosecutors have blamed private investigator William Tisaby for the delays in handing over evidence. Gardner’s office hired Tisaby rather than relying on local law enforcement. Defense attorneys also claimed that 11 pages of Tisaby’s notes from a separate deposition of a friend of the woman were turned over late.”


On top of the money already spent on the investigation that went to a Michigan investigation firm, Gardner will have to pay for the defense to depose a witness again. Two things seem to be evident about this case, Eric Greitens is a slimeball and Kim Gardner is an activist prosecutor who has reached beyond the scope of her office. Some Missourians wouldn’t mind having both of their resignations.

As it happens, Missouri might not have to wait on Gov. Greitens’ resignation, as rumors are that the very guarded and very Republican Missouri House of Representatives is calling for a special hearing on the matter.

Speaker Todd Richardson is a well-liked Speaker of the House from Poplar Bluff, Mo who doesn’t make many, if any, waves and has been very calm and particular in his responses.


While Republicans at the state-level are quiet on the subject, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, who is running for the U.S. Senate against Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill, has called for the Governor to resign. At a recent press conference, Hawley stated that he “would not be intimidated” which for some reason, not yet reported, caused the Governor of Missouri to file a restraining order against his own Attorney General.

No one wants the Governor to resign more than Hawley does and no one wants the Governor to stay in office more than McCaskill. Missouri Republicans would be doing Greitens and themselves a favor by impeaching him.


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