Ann Coulter: I Prefer KGB Agents To Americans

Ambassador Nikki Haley is under fire over being “confused,” according to the White House, about when or if new sanctions on Russia are coming.

Ann Coulter wasted no time in saying the most outrageously stupid thing she could muster. Worse than Putin?


Whether Nikki Haley was confused or not is a fair question, but saying Russian President Vladimir Putin controlling American foreign policy would be better for America than Haley is ridiculous.

It’s the President’s foreign policy and if Haley is confused perhaps it is the White House who isn’t explaining themselves properly. President Trump has a track record of undercutting messaging efforts and flip-flopping on issues, not Nikki Haley.

Either way, Ann Coulter has no business indicting the character of someone like Haley who tries to make the world a better place while someone like Coulter tries to profit from division.


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