Russia Goes Back to the United Nations Security Council

After the airstrikes from the French, British, and Americans in Syria, Russia is calling another meeting at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

This will be the fifth UNSC meeting this week and it’s a role Russia hasn’t been accustomed to playing as it has been the US and other members usually calling the meetings to condemn or compel Russia. For the past 7 years, Russia has used the Security Council to thwart any attempts to punish Bashar Al Assad.


Russia is now seeking to condemn three permanent Security Council members. That’s three vetoes that are likely coming.

The real discussions are happening in private back channels. The primary channel that ensures Russia and the United States do not fire exists between the two militaries on the ground in Syria. The other channel is happening through NATO ally Turkey who is also a part of the Astana Agreement along with Russia and Iran.

Channels are open. Talks are happening. The resolution to this situation will not occur on Twitter or publicly at the UNSC because now this about pride.


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