BREAKING: U.S. Targets Syrian Military

Update: 10:50pm EST

Earlier RedState reported that the airstrikes were targeting Assad’s military. The Assad regime capabilities outside of chemical weapons were not targeted. Regretfully we must issue a correction.


Update: 10:30pm EST

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dunford has informed the media that tonight”s strikes have concluded but more strikes are expected. He also said that there was “airspace de-confliction” with the the Russians which is a really official way of saying there was communication prior to the strikes, but the Russians were given no specifics.

And Mattis added a small detail to prepare for in the coming days: “disinformation campaign”. This simply means Russia is gonna throw a lot static and conspiracy theories at the media. Practice discernment and check the source.

There has also been unconfirmed reports that no civilians or coalition members have been killed. The reports on civilians are all locally sourced, but no credible sources have refuted the local claims.


RedState will continue to update these chaotic events.

Original Post

Tonight the United States military in coordination with France, The United Kingdom, and Arab allies have began air strikes on Bashar Al Assad and his regime.

It appears that the strikes are targeting more than just Assad’s chemical weapons facilities and capabilities. The strikes seem to be targeting Assad’s overall military capabilities.

Michael Weiss translated the message sent from the White House quite well.

The reports are coming in at break-neck speed and Redstate will do its absolute best to keep you informed.



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