Saudi Prince Snitches on George W. Bush

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been touring the West for the Last 3 weeks on a mission to rebrand his kingdom’s image and gain support in containing Iran. He is currently in France but started his tour in the United States where he visited former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W Bush in Texas.


According to bin Salman George W. Bush gave him a bottle of barbecue sauce and told him “If you don’t like the French food you can use the barbecue sauce.” Going on to say “So, we’ll see if I use it or not.” If only barbecue and its array of sauces were a laughing matter to Americans. The Prince doesn’t know it but he is playing with fire.

Clearly, the Prince has forgotten the freedom fry scandal in the early years of the George W. Bush’s presidency. This breach of trust by bin Salman sets the table for the French to insult barbecue sauce and that could tear apart a 242-year-old alliance. Barbecue sauce could very well destroy NATO and send the global order tumbling into oblivion.


Why didn’t he just give him a tie or a painting of the Prince? Redstate will follow up with updates as this diplomatic crisis progresses.


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