Putin Calls Jerusalem, Urges Israel Not To Strike Iran in Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the 2018 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference, at Washington Convention Center, Tuesday, March 6, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Israeli publication Haaretz broke the news of Russian President Vladimir Putin calling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him to show restraint and not strike Iran in Syria. The call was made after Iran promised to retaliate for the 7 Iranians allegedly killed in Israeli strikes in Homs, Syria. It has also been reported in the Arab speaking world because the Arabs are counting on Israel being the regional counterbalance though they don’t dare say that too loudly and infuriate their more Salafi-centric citizens.


It is hard to imagine the Israelis not laughing in Putin’s ear as he urged for restraint and calm. There was no bluster or threats from Moscow towards but simply a humble request to not disrupt the fragile framework Russia has pieced together to “stabilize” 2/3 of a war-torn country. Russia is likely to have a better chance of urging a thunderstorm to change course than it would convincing the Israelis to not act in their own self-interests.

This was highlighted yesterday at RedState, Israel acts alone. They always have and they always will. One of the most pernicious myths about Israel is they’re an American puppet or America is an Israeli puppet, depending on who is spewing the conspiracy theory. Israel is an American ally that means there is often cooperation but not control and the Russians know they can’t control Israel.

The stone-cold fact is the Iranian Regime has constructed its entire foreign policy around one goal: destroying The State of Israel. Hardline Iranians truly believe they’re destined to succeed in what a Pan-Arab alliance failed to do in 1967 during The Six Days War and during the Yom Kippur War in 1972. Time and again Israel is regionally challenged and they vanquish their foes. Then, the world sits around demanding the Israelis give land back they won in a war. If the Arabs had succeeded in 1967 or 1972 in taking land away from Israel would the world be demanding it be returned? It seems highly unlikely.


What Russia seems to have failed to notice about the region they are attempting to “stabilize” is after 50 years of failing the Arabs have come to realize it’s much more beneficial for everyone if they show Israel the basic decency any neighbor is shown. Acknowledge they exist beyond trying to destroy them, it really isn’t that complicated.


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