Commercial Airliners In The Middle East And French Airbase on Alert

This is a screen image of flights over Syria around 6;45 EST

Hours after efforts by the United Nations Security Council had failed to come to an agreement on how to investigate claims that Bashar Al Assad again used chemical weapons, the first reports of aircraft entering Syrian air space have started to trickle in. Al Jazeera reports American-led coalition aircraft are headed in the direction of Al-Tanf in southern Syria.


This is significant given that the Americans have defended it once already and the Russians have cited Al Tanf specifically as a place where the U.S. had been supplying opposition with chemical weapons the “size of a pack of cigarettes”.

French fighter jets are on alert in northwestern France.

Commercial airliners over the Middle East are being advised to change their corridors.

It’s created quite a traffic jam in the air around Syria.


Reports of Russians moving their very expensive helicopters.

These developments are significant and are not occurring out of coincidence.

Though, the Pentagon seems like it is just another Tuesday night.

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