BREAKING: Air Strikes On Syria Have Commenced

Reports have started to come in that air strikes on some of Bashar Al-Assad’s installations have commenced.


Syrian state television is claiming an airbase in Homs is the first to be targeted.

President Trump was in meetings being briefed all day on the chemical weapons attacks in Douma.

The French, American, and Israelis have all been in contact with the White House today, and it could be any of those three conducting the strikes at this point.

Russia has not commented on the developments. Russia has warned it will strike against an American aggression towards Assad, although it did not mention a retaliation against France or Israel.


At the time of publishing this, America denied launching any strikes.

RedState will continue to cover the developments.

Update: 11:45 PM EST

The Israeli Defense Forces have claimed responsibility for the airstrikes against Hamas in Gaza via Twitter, but have yet to confirm any involvement in Homs, Syria. The French have made no comment on operations while the United States continues to deny any involvement.

RedState will continue to cover these events as they unfold.

Update: 2:10 PM EST

Two developments have rolled in from the crisis in Syria. First, There are reports from observes on the ground that at least one Iranian was killed at the T4 airbase in Homs, Syria.

Second, is the French have denied hitting Bashar Al Assad. The French have enjoyed a favorable relationship with Iran, but with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman set to visit Paris there could be even more regional shifts happening in the Middle East.


That leaves only Israel who has not yet confirmed or denied having conducted airstrikes in Syria.

Redstate will  update this post as needed.

Update: 11:00AM EST

Iranian state media has confirmed 4 Iranians were at the targeted military site in Homs, Syria. Israel has not yet confirmed they conducted the strike in the early morning hours that killed 14.

Israel struck the same site in February.


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