Subtweet Across The Bow: U.S. Flexes Muscle In The Air And Online

There was some good news in the world today. U.S.-backed forces in southern Syria killed 20 fighters from what’s left of the broken Islamic State of Iraq and Syria just outside the tiny garrison in Al Tanf that sits close to the border of Jordan, Syria, And Iraq. The Military Times reported as did Redstate in June


Pro-Syrian regime forces currently surround the U.S. garrison, complicating anti-ISIS operations for the U.S.-backed fighters at the garrison. Those Syrian forces are situated outside a 55-kilometer bubble that extends around the outpost.

This news was originally released by the Twitter account for Operation Inherit Resolve (OIR) about twenty minutes after this tweet from Pentagon Editor for Aviation Week Lara Seligman.

And then came the sick subtweet from OIR.

That’s some different kind of hash tag diplomacy. Moscow of course denied being chased out of the 55-kilometer deconfliction zone but this isn’t the first time the U.S. Military has shown a willingness to enforce its demands in the skies over Syria. It’s actually the 5th time.

True to form, Moscow denied the claim and maintained its insensibility in the region.


But Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke directly to President Donald Trump via phone today . It’s unclear who initiated the call but it was reportedly to discuss the situation with North Korea’s Nuclaer program although it’s likely Syria came up. Those details will flush out in time

This all happened as the American Ambasador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley called a press conference to announce the declassification of evidence against Iran in Yemen who is the primary muscle on the ground for the Syrian regime.

I guess the most shocking news of the day was that CNN actually covered it.


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