In 2016, either the Senate filibuster, or the Republican party, will die.

First, let’s just briefly recap the past few years….

Despite electing a Republican House, and then a GOP Senate, the Republican leadership has demonstrated no desire to oppose, defund, repeal, any of Obama’s main initiatives.


First, we took the House, and deposed Peloisi. Despite the House having the power of the purse, nothing happened. We were told instead, notwithstanding all the promises made during the 2010 and 2012 campaigns, that as we only control “one half of one third of the government,” we can’t really expect the House to be able to do anything.

So, we worked hard. Gave of our time and treasure, and elected a GOP Senate. And guess what happened. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Instead, we’re told ad nauseam that Obama has veto power, so there’s pretty much nothing the GOP Congressional leadership can do about anything.

Well, surprise, surprise, actually there was a lot they could in fact do. And all of it bad. They got together with Democrats to push through a huge omnibus budget bill which gave Obama everything he could have wanted. Including funding for Obamacare, money for his insane plan to relocate tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” to this country, and…worst of completely fund Planned Parenthood. That organization is pure evil. Defunding it was supposedly the hill upon which Republicans would stand and die.

But no, it didn’t happened.

So the GOP Congress just went along with Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, spending hundreds of billions more that we don’t have, on things and programs we loathe and despise.

Even worse, when Ryan was negotiating with House conservatives to see if they would support him for Speaker, he made one key promise to them: that he would return to the regular order in the House.


That promise lasted until the new paint dried in the Speaker’s office. The omnibus spending bill, thousands of pages, appeared magically, and Ryan announced that the House, and the American people, would have THREE WHOLE DAYS to read it, analyze it, and comment on it..before it was passed (with overwhelming Democrat support) by the House,, and then the Senate.

So much for Ryan’s word….

And now we are in the midst of another election cycle.

I believe, mainly not because of anything the Republicans in Congress are doing, but rather because of how badly Obama is screwing up the country, and the world, that:

1. The GOP will hold the House, and actually gain a few seats.

2. The GOP will hold the Senate, and might even gain one seat.

And of course, we are going to elect a Republican to the White House, and likely a conservative one.

In 2013, [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ] invoked the nuclear option, using a simple majority in the then Democrat controlled Senate to end the filibuster on most nominations. Despite dire warnings from McConnell et al that some day, the GOP would be in control, that the shoe would on the other foot,  Reid proceeded to move multiple Obama nominations to the appellate courts, where they will be able to inflict damage to the Republic for decades to come.


A few months ago, McConnell appointed a committee to “study if changes are necessary.” Which means they won’t do anything, that they really don’t want to do anything.. In fact according to a 10/12/15 article in The Hill,  (despite the tenor of the headline) “Senior Republicans pledge they will not invoke the nuclear option. Any rules change must win Democratic support and 67 votes, the threshold for reforms under regular order, they say. “

Allow me to translate: McConnell says he won’t do anything unless Democrats support it.

As if.

Senate Democrats have blocked scores of bills, passed by the House, from even coming to a vote on the Senate floor, where they would easily pass, and thus force Obama to veto them. Yet McConnell counts on their cooperation going forward. Really?

Chuckie Schumer will be the next Senate minority leader.

Many observers feel that the next president could have as many as FOUR appointments to the Supreme Court, and thus the opportunity to shape it for decades.

Any appointment that a President Cruz would make would be unanimously opposed by the Democrats.

And there you have it.

Will the GOP leadership now tell us that unless we the people elect a Senate with a 60 vote Republican majority, well, we really can’t expect them to be able to accomplish anything, now can we?

You’d think that McConnell would see where this is headed. Assuming of course that he, and most of the GOPe want a conservative to win the White House, the coming confrontation is inevitable.


So why delay it? The Democrats want war, so let it begin now. In 2016, unless the Senate Democrats are willing to allow legislation to come to the floor, the “motion to proceed”….McConnell should move, as did Reid, the nuclear option, and end the filibuster. Totally.

Many conservatives are in favor of this, on constitutional grounds, let alone political ones.

And then Obama can spend his last year in office with his pen, vetoing lots of very popular legislation. And, oh yeah, just incidentally, let the Democrats run next November having supported all those vetoes.

But if McConnell isn’t willing to take a stand now, then the Republican party is finished. There is no longer any reason for it to exist.



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