So Paul Ryan's Democrat Opponents Just Got Arrested, and a Slobbering Liberal Love Fest Ensued

Randy Bryce, who is running for the Democratic nomination to face Paul Ryan in WI-01, was arrested on Monday in Racine, Wisconsin. So too was Cathy Meyers, also running to oppose Ryan. They were, in fact, right outside Speaker Ryan’s Wisconsin office. Of course, they weren’t alone.


Bryce and Meyers were there with other protesters (but not very many) grandstanding over DACA. They engaged in what they called ‘civil disobedience” but really amounted to sitting down and blocking traffic on Main Street for 15 minutes for the specific purpose of being arrested. And arrested they were.

Here’s more from Racine’s Journal Times:

For about 15 minutes Monday afternoon, traffic on Main Street came to a halt as about 30 protesters locked arms, sat in the intersection of Sixth and Main streets and were eventually arrested for obstruction.

The group was protesting in favor of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which was supposed to expire Monday. But federal courts have put its future into question.

After the desired arrest happened per their plan, the showboating really got going. (But not with any original thoughts or specifics.)

“Paul Ryan has done nothing, as far as leadership for the 1st District. He’s the speaker of the White House — not speaker for our house,” Bryce said. “These are kids that are being held hostage through no fault of their own … this is the only home they know.”

Myers said she was asked by a “Dreamer” — as DACA beneficiaries are commonly known — to be part of the event and said it was the first time she has been arrested.

“The politics that have been played with their lives is just profoundly wrong to me,” Myers said. “Paul Ryan has been promising to do something for a very long time and has done nothing. So when I spoke about people playing politics … that’s what I’m talking about.”


So to sum up, they showed up together, in a group of about thirty people, blocked traffic in order to get arrested, and then after they got arrested, made vapid, trite, substance-less talking point remarks. So nothing to get excited about, right? Just a standard publicity stunt.

Ha ha you’ve never met Democrats have you? OF COURSE they acted like this was heroic beyond all comprehension!! Sooper at The Right Scoop finds the glowing Tweets about the non-event, from enamored blue checks. Here’s two.

Could that be more over the top? No. And look at the retweets! Eleven thousand!! I guess it’s true what they say, there are 11 thousand fools born every minute, etc.

Oh yes, I said two, here’s another.

NOT RUSSIA. Ha ha ha ha. Only five thousand or so retweets on that one. But hey, Nancy Sinatra was one of them!


Everything Democrats do is a manufactured, manipulative show, and none of it would work if they didn’t have the media (and the blue checks) out there selling it as real.

They can take a nothingburger fake protest that had as its only purpose getting arrested on camera, and sell it like a civil rights era making of martyrs. Just like they can make it seem as if everyone in America is now supposed to defer to a handful of children who were part of a tragic… well, you get the picture. The media and the Dems are great working partners.

It’s an amazing machine. It’s silly and you want to laugh sometimes. But other times it’s scary as heck and you wonder if America can survive Democrats for much longer.

Anyway, one thing is for sure: the funniest part of this is that these guys think these two Democrats have a chance in November. Now THAT is magical thinking.


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