Erick's Got The KOSKiddiots in a Tizzy

Image used by DailyKOS trying to slam Erick Erickson
Image used by DailyKOS trying to slam Erick Erickson

Many of you know I visit DailyKOS to keep up with the Mother Joneses, so to speak.  I have a rule that I get to stop reading their articles when the name calling begins.  I’ve had to suspend that rule today because the name calling is in some of the titles of the articles, first lines, and captions of the pictures.  I just can’t do a respectable job of opposition research if I don’t at least read the first sentence.


Well, it seems Erick’s appearance on Fox News and some tweets really got to them.  This ‘article’ HERE says volumes about who the people at DailyKOS are when they take this tweet…

My religion trumps your “right” to employer subsidized consequence free sex.
— @EWErickson

and try to paint it as something that is self deprecating, ignorant, and just plain wrong-headed.

Hat Tip to Mr. Erickson for managing to get their knickers in a knot over celebrating the reinforcement of the I Amendment…which by the way is the same amendment that ensure they can be selective with their own facts, within their own circles without worrying about jack-booted thugs rounding them up for sedition.


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