Shocker! - by Victoria "The Washington Tattler" Chortle


Hello Citizens! This is Victoria Chortle reporting. Ready for some steamy tattle? This week I’ve hand picked some juicy tidbits from all around the steamy globe!


Tattle point: South of the border!

My goodness, former Mexican president, Vincente Fox seems to have flipped his peluca in his latest bizarre, potty-mouthed, f-bomb video where he lambasts President Trump for everything from the border wall, to his take on American taco-bowls. He seems to have a case of Montezuma’s Revenge of la boca. Ay-yi-yi, ex-El Presidente!


Tattle point: Somewhere north of New York City, New York.

The Mee-ma from Chappaqua, Hillary Clinton, is still asking for your money! I went to her web page and sure enough, it takes you straight to a donation page! Quite bizarrely, it still has video and slogans from her 2016 presidential bid. Egads, this page reminds me of the pathetic dining room/cobweb seen in Great Expectations! Oh, Hilly— you are the wrapped-too-tight gift that keeps on giving.


Dateline: A Sad TV Studio In NYC

While Rep. Scalise lie in critical condition recovering from a crazed Bernie Sanders worker’s bullet wounds, MSNBC’s Joy Reid tweeted that Rep. Scalise’s would-be assassin was a “white man” and that he was saved by a “black lesbian” police officer. Now, I’ve been covering the smart set and entertainers for three decades and it’s just my opinion, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across with any story that is as offensive, assuming, and pidgeon-holing as the nonsense that was tapped away by this ladie’s fingers. Dearie, you just notched down into the dumb-set. My goodness, Joy, we know you’re frustrated with your networks dismal ratings and lack of viewership, but do you think racism and sexism is the way to get people to like you or your show? I think not! Chin up, sweet lady, I smell a future guest-shot in New York’s Shakepeare In The Park for you!



Tattle point, Fox News: 

The dwindling amount of recognizable faces over at the Fox News studio’s seem downright obsessed with former Fox golden-girl Megyn Kelly these days. Even before the Alex Jones interview, they were reporting on the unpalatable pairing of Kelly and the lightning rod, conspiracy-entertainer, Jones.  My goodness, don’t you think it’s time to lick your own wounds and repair your dismal behaviors before seeking to malign the efforts of a former colleague?  Lighten up Foxes, it’s not like anyone is watching NBC anyway!



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