6th Grader, Harold Phillip Stemp Reporting

Harold Phillip Stemp

This is 6th grader Harold Phillip Stemp reporting from Mr. Murryhill’s class in Bellmore NY.

Well, I’m not in the classroom. In fact I’m not in Bellmore either. We’re coming home from our class trip to our nation’s capital Washington D.C.


Boy, did  I have an awesome day. One parent could come with each child and my dad came with me.

Washington is a nice city, and I couldn’t believe all the stuff I’ve seen in pictures was right there in front of me. The Capital, the Lincoln Memorial and all that cool stuff.

We drove down Pennsylvania Avenue and when we passed the White House, this kid Jagger’s mom started booing. It was really weird. I guess she doesn’t like the president or something. My dad asked her to please stop it, and said that there were children on the bus that were behaving more maturely than she was.

I don’t think she liked that. She said something about my dad being ‘Alt-Right’. At first I thought she said “alright” but my pal Clarence said that she calls everyone that she disagrees with ‘Alt-Right’. My dad whispered under his breath the word wacko, but I don’t think she heard it. She just kept on booing until one of the teachers came over to her and told her to please stop. She didn’t seem to care about us kids at all and I’d have to agree with my dad… she was immature.

I borrowed my dad’s iPhone and looked up “Alt-Right”. Wow that lady really insulted my dad. It’s basically means racist and really angry, and my dad is none of those things. My dad has friends of all different colors and types and is pretty much kind and nice to everyone. He doesn’t seem like anything like what that  kookie lady accused him of and that gets me mad. Dad told me to forget about it and just enjoy the day. I said okay.


When we got off the bus to go into the Air and Space Museum, I heard that kid Jagger throwing a tantrum. There was this man selling stuff on the sidewalk near the museum and his mom, the kookie lady was talking to the man.  I guess Jagger wanted to go into the museum and his mom was holding him up. The guy was selling Essential Oils and Anti-Trump T-shirts. Jagger’s mom was trying all the oils on and putting on a DUMP TRUMP shirt. She yelled at my dad and pointed to her shirt, but then knocked over half of the guy’s oil bottles. Boy, Jagger really went bonkers!  He started screaming like a maniac and then hauled off and kicked his mom in the shins. Me and my dad just laughed and went in to see all the cool planes and stuff.

When we got in there, I couldn’t believe what I saw. I saw really cool space capsules, some really awesome planes and some wild rockets. Most of this stuff was made by Americans and it made me really proud. Dad told me that all of these planes and space ships were made by ordinary Americans just like us, and the reason we have excelled in space and in the air is because we were “free to dream big and reach for the sky.”


I held my dad’s hand and we walked for hours in that place and every time I saw something cool, I thought about what he said. We had a nice lunch and dad bought me a cool space-ship t-shirt. He’s awesome.

Well, I learned two lessons today. One about freedom and one about people who think they are open-minded but are just the opposite. Oh yeah, one more thing… essentials oils can really stink up a bus.



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