What Do Undecided Voters in the SEC Primary Think?

I want to invite you guys to watch something tonight from 7pm ET to 9pm ET.

I have put together a panel of undecided voters in Georgia. The SEC Primary takes place on March 1st. Georgia and Texas have the most delegates at stake that day. With Cruz in Texas, Georgia is getting a lot of candidate focus. Cruz has built up a massive organization in the state, but there are still a lot of undecided voters.


So what do they think of the race?

The week before Thanksgiving I surveyed my listeners. Out of over 200,000 who were sent the survey, the final tally was just over 20,000 responding. From that pool of responses, I have pulled out people who have voted in Republican Presidential primaries, intend to vote in this one, and in two separate questions declared themselves undecided.

I will be traveling around the nation at the beginning of 2016 doing these discussion groups in Iowa, South Carolina, Florida and other states. But tonight I start with Georgia undecideds.

We’ve put together a 40 person panel that demographically will look close to the demographics of those who will vote. They are mostly female, mostly from the Northern Atlanta suburbs, mostly protestant, and mostly middle class.

You can watch the livestream tonight by going to this link. It begins at 7pm ET and runs till 9pm ET tonight.


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