Well, Now We Know the President Has Turned a Blind Eye to Domestic Terrorism to Advance His Gun Control Agenda

The Democrats did this with Obamacare. At the time, they forced it through knowing that it was on shaky ground. But behind the scenes, Democrats were openly celebrating that it was the first step to single payer healthcare. The Democrats, you see, knew the system was designed by the President to collapse. Take away everybody’s private insurance, tell them they could keep their doctor only to make them choose new doctors, and when the whole thing went belly up, the Democrats could say, “Welp, we tried. Now we need universal, single payer government run healthcare just like Europe.


They are doing it again. The same playbook is being used on domestic terror.

Before Barack Obama, we did not have a bunch of random terror attacks around the country. From Ft. Hood to Chattanooga to Oregon to California and others in between, we have seen a rise in mass terror events under Barack Obama.

But each of these mass terror events has been declared work place violence, motive unknown, or something other than what it is — radical Islam. In fact, the President and the American left have gone to grew lengths to not even use the phrase “radical Islam.”

White supremacists who reject Christ can be Christian terrorists, but a Muslim shooting up a place yelling “Allahu Akbar” is just workplace violence or caused by some unknown reason — they had a bad home life like the terrorists in California whose wife was, according to a talking head on CNN, probably suffering post partum depression.

The President and American left have failed and failed and failed some more to deal with this. Meanwhile, we know that intelligence officials have had their intelligence reports of the growing threat of ISIS changed to make the threat seem less sever.


Following this latest terrorist attack in California, the President and the left seem to be in a very coordinated attack on the second amendment. They are not letting the crisis they themselves created go to waste. The New York Times places an editorial on the front page calling for gun control and the President decides to address the nation about the growing terror threat and what our response should be.

We now know from media reports that the President intends to call for gun control. He may even try by executive order.

This was the plan all along. Just like Europe.

Get Americans worried and fearful about terrorism, show that the government is incapable of dealing effectively with it, then declare that the only solution is to round up guns so terrorists cannot get them.

It is all by design. The President never had any intention of working aggressively to stop domestic terrorism. He needed it to fester and call it something else, just as he needs problems with Obamacare to fester to get to single payer, in order to curtail our freedoms.

The President’s solution today, after a terrorist attack in California, is exactly what his solution was before he was willing to admit we had bands of ISIS roaming the country. Gun control plus climate change were his two big issues before this terrorist attack and they remain so. That says more about terrorism and the President’s response than any words the President will speak tonight.



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