The Washington Post Tries to Humanize the Terrorists

They didn’t do this with the Colorado shooter. They just passed him off as a violent Christian extremist. But the Washington Post wants you to know

The home Farook grew up in was troubled and at times apparently violent. In 2002, when both husband and wife were unemployed and had run up credit card and retail debt of about $50,000, the couple filed for bankruptcy protection. And for most of the past decade, right up to early this year, his parents waged war in court against each other. Rafia repeatedly sought — and at least twice won — restraining orders against a husband who she said abused her verbally and physically.


See. It was not poor little Farook’s fault. He was driven to it by his parents. We need to be understanding of him. The Washington Post goes on to paint a rather fawning picture of the quiet and “respectful” kid who loved Chinese food.

The media always does this to terrorists. Rolling Stone put the glamour shot of the Boston bomber on its cover as if he was a rock star. Now the Washington Post want you to know Farook was a hard worker, quiet, and and smiled.

The American left, time and time again, tries to rationalize that somehow they and/or American society caused these people to become terrorists. It’s not them. It’s us. The Washington Post has just given us another example.


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