Obama is Far Nastier to Christians Than ISIS

To President Obama, ISIS is just a group of killers. The terrorists in Paris were not Muslims. They were just deranged gunmen. The men who flew the planes into the World Trade Center needed to be understood and their poverty alleviated. For that matter, Hillary Clinton thinks we need to empathize with them.


Time and again, President Obama has pulled as many punches against ISIS as he has curtailed missions against ISIS.

But against the American church, Barack Obama has been in an open campaign against them since he declared rural Pennsylvanians were bitter clingers to guns and religion. He insisted before the Supreme Court that there is no freedom of religion in this country, but only a freedom of worship. He demanded government control over ministerial roles within churches. He tried to force Christians to pay for killing kids.

With the attack in Colorado, Mr. Obama cautions us against rhetoric that might incite people to violence. Christians, you see, can drive people to shoot up a Planned Parenthood facility. The Quran, which reads, “I (Allah) will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” incites no one to violence, but the Bible, which reads, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” can cause people to get violent.

It is so rare for an American politician to pander to terrorists who cannot even vote for him while belittling Americans who can vote for him. An ISIS attack brings a lecture on Christians and the crusades. A Clerk of Court who wants to honor her faith brings a jail sentence and a lecture on bigotry. Lining up Christians to behead them brings a plea to understand the underlying concerns of those beheading the Christians. Daring to challenge Barack Obama in the Supreme Court brings audits and indictments.


Establishment Republicans often tend to be far nastier to conservatives than they are to the Democrats. But establishment Democrats more and more show far more grace to those who’d kill us all than they do to the American voter. They’re just following Barack Obama’s example.


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