What If Rick Perry Does Get Back In?

Rick Perry might make news by tomorrow. December 1, 2015, is the deadline to get on the ballot in Tennessee. A Super PAC has been created to try to push Perry back into the race. The deadline for getting on the ballot in Tennessee is tomorrow. It must be done by petition or, I am told, by notifying the Secretary of State who has discretion to put someone on the ballot.


Georgia’s deadline will also be December 1, 2015, where the executive committee of the state party must offer up the names of candidates to be on the ballot.

The Super PAC created thus far does not have a ton of money, but has a ton of belief that Perry should not have gotten out and the field needs a leader with a military record and gubernatorial experience. It’s backers have found all the other candidates lacking. They acknowledge that Perry has missed out on early states, but they still think he has a shot if he’ll give it a go.

Thus far, Perry himself has said nothing. This could be a fool’s errand. The Super PAC backers tell me they think there is a demand there now that enough people have seen all the other candidates. But as to a path to victory?

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, New Hampshire, and South Carolina have already closed their process for ballot access. South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida allow a write-in candidacy, but that is still a tough, if not impossible, burden.

Tennessee and Georgia come up on Tuesday. Louisiana follows on December 4th. Oklahoma, Virginia, and Idaho will be December 9th. Virginia would be virtually impossible at this stage for Perry.

There is not going to be a brokered convention as it stands now. The race is shaping up to be between Cruz and Rubio. If Perry gets back in, he would first have to fundraise and second would have to consider if he wants to cause a collapse of ongoing consolidation — assuming he can get any traction at all. The fact is, as much as I and so many others really like and respect Rick Perry, he did not get traction when he was first in and would have to come up with a reason now to get support.


It is possible, but not probable for Perry to raise the money to get on the ballots, find a new team of campaign operatives, and make it work. He’d have to have a brand new team of political operatives. He’d have to make a strong case. And he would still have to deal with that indictment in Texas.

The signs of whether this is serious or not will be in the next 48 hours. If Perry foregoes Tennessee and Georgia, he’s writing off two states that would be highly receptive to a Southern Governor.

But then, for all the chatter, right now it is a Super PAC involved. Rick Perry remains a former candidate unless he picks up the phone very soon.


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