President Obama Planning a Major and Devasting Attack Against ISIS

It’s about damn time. Yesterday, President Obama announced that he will personally participate in delivering a devastating blow to ISIS. This news came at the same time as United States military sources confirmed that the American Air Force could not take out ISIS oil tankers because we ran out of bullets.


Undeterred, President Obama has a plan. He announced it yesterday in France with fanfare. The news is historic. This is the first time President Obama has ordered a full frontal assault on ISIS and he has put together a global coalition to make it happen. You might need to sit down for this. It is that big.

President Obama has decided to openly discuss climate change while in Paris. According to President Obama, that will be a serious “rebuke” to ISIS and show that there are more important dangers in the world than ISIS and that the world can go on about its business.

Seriously. President Obama said that. His precise words were, “What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children.”

As troubling as that is, consider Army Col. Steven Warren. In reporting that U.S. war planes had run out of bullets and therefore could not blow up ISIS fuel tankers, Col. Warren sought to assure the world by saying, AND THIS TOO IS A DIRECT QUOTE, “[T[he desire was to destroy every single truck there.”


Well if the world were run on lollipop dreams and unicorn farts, we’d all be safe now because our planes desired to destroy every single truck and President Obama is delivering a “powerful rebuke” to ISIS by talking about global warming.

These people are not serious.

And, considering Barack Obama is also now on record claiming that global warming causes terrorism, I again must ask why we are not studying why global warming only causes muslims to become terrorists. The Christians and Jews in the Middle East are not becoming terrorists. If we can spend $3 million to study why lesbians are fat, surely we can spend a few hundred thousand to find out why global warming makes only muslims become terrorists.


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