The Left Redefines Terrorism To Blame White People

I do have to hand it to the left.

We have all these attacks by Islamic radicals and the left decides it cannot abide this. So it redefines terrorism to mean any sort of mass shooting. Now they can blame shift to white people.


But wait! It’s not just to white people. According to the left, if you are white, male, and kill people, you are a Christian. Therefore, white male Christians are far more of a security threat than Islamic radicals.

Concurrent to this, the left wants anyone on the terrorist watch list to be denied guns. So, if you are following along, they’ve revised what terrorism means to include a lot of white men, who are also to be defined as being Christian.

Now they can deny a bunch of Americans the right to keep and bear arms based on a computer algorithm. If you are white, male, and Christian, you are presumed to be a terrorist to the left.

Meanwhile, actual terrorists who are Islamic radicals want to kill us while a bunch of white, male Christians are wearing military uniforms and going overseas to keep us safe.

The left’s way with words may suit their political ends, but clashes often with reality.


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