Barack Obama is an Enabler of Evil

He is not a damn fool. The press today is battering the President over being a damn fool. He is not. He is an enabler of evil.

This is the man whose world view was shaped by an anti-American communist mentor. This is the man who has surrounded himself with anti-American academics and people who have never worked in the real world. This is the man who believes he must apologize for the United States. This is the man who supports infanticide.

Being an Ivory Tower academic elite and failed community organizer, President Obama believes most Americans are bigots and fools. He believes in the righteousness of his cause, which is to fundamentally transform America — by making us weaker. President Obama sees ISIS and thinks there is really nothing that can be done because really they are just less evolved than us. He believes that Islam is 400 years behind Christianity and so is right now in their own mediaeval period and there is nothing we can do. He believes the West is ultimately getting its just desserts for the sin of colonialism. ISIS is just fair play and appropriate pay back to Western colonial powers.

President Obama enables evil because he does not see or acknowledge that evil exists. He is not foolish about evil — he just thinks he is too smart to think it is real. He sees ISIS as a backwater. He speaks in the platitudes of “evil” because the people expect it, while he himself knows he is just going through the motions.

ISIS will continue to spread with Barack Obama as leader of the free world. More people will die because of Barack Obama. And he will, the whole time, speak more platitudes while quietly reassuring himself that there really is nothing to be done. There will be no new strategy because, to Barack Obama, no strategy can work against a group of people who are, essentially, just less evolved and cultured than him.

ISIS is, to Obama, just another group of people bitterly clinging to guns and religion. Since they aren’t Americans, there is nothing he can do about it. So deal with it. And in this country, we need gun control.

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