Yes, the Arguments For Abortion Do Parallel the Arguments Defending Slavery

Ben Carson is right. I’m shocked the media is shocked. I’ve made the same point on CNN and Fox for several years as have a number of pro-lifers.

Go through the arguments defending abortion and you will hear echoes of slavery.

It’s their property. It’s their body.

It’s not a person. It’s only 3/5th a person.

They feel nothing. It does not matter if they feel.

Did I mention it’s their property. Don’t tell them what to do with it.

That the pro-abortion movement is outraged by any pro-lifer bringing this up is irrelevant. Their anger is subtly their realization that they make the arguments of Dred Scott’s master, only they view it as tissue. Oh wait, that’s what Dred Scott’s master thought too — an ignorant lump of quasi-humanity that deserved no life outside the will of his master who could be disposed of at any time because Dred Scott was not a person, just a thing.

Ben Carson is right.

The only unbelievable thing here is that the media has never paid attention to the pro-life movement making these statements for literally decades.

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