This Still Bugs Me -- How Obama Treats Muslims vs. Christians

If the shooter in Oregon had been a muslim, you know damn well the President of the United States would have rushed to the television to tell us all that we cannot judge a religion by one person.


If the victims had all been muslims, you know too that President Obama would have rushed to the televisions of America to tell us all that we must have religious tolerance and shame on all of us for this tragedy.

But, before he went on television, it was a known fact that the shooter was asking people to state their religion before shooting them and it turns out he was shooting Christians and the President saw it as an occasion to talk about gun control.

If it had been a muslim shooter or muslim victims, it would have been a lecture on tolerance. You know it and I know it. Instead, the shooter targets Christians, the President knows it before he speaks (or should have because it was confirmed by the Associated Press by the end of my first segment on radio that night an hour before the President spoke), and not only does not condemn the shooting in 1,299 words, but never even mentions religious tolerance.


Yes, this really does bug me.

The President spends an inordinate amount of time ridiculing Christians as bitterly clinging to their Bibles, needing to let go of their doctrines, and lecturing them with bad history about the crusades. He turns a blind eye to their persecution in the Middle East, doing nothing to stop it. And now this.

I’ve never believed the President was a Christian in any meaningful way, but it has gotten to the point where it is very hard to escape the conclusion that he dislikes Christians generally.


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