The Shooter Targeted Christians. But How Did He Get His Guns?

The media is willingly rushing to demand gun control after yesterday’s shooting in Oregon. They are going to ignore that the shooter was targeting Christians. We now have too many eye witnesses saying this to ignore the truth. The media will say we would not know this, but for press reports, but they will ignore on going coverage as they would have kept up if the shooter shot Muslims, minorities, etc.

The shooter did target Christians.

What we do not know is how the shooter got his guns. Were they stolen? Were they legally acquired? If legally acquired, through what process and what state? We do not know these things.

But that has not stopped the rush of media and the left, but I repeat myself, demanding “common sense” gun control.

There’s just something else we do not know — what exactly does that common sense gun control look like? What do they want? What proposals?

We do not know their proposals nor do we know how the shooter got his guns, so we have no idea how to prevent this sort of tragedy.

What we do know is that the shooter was not, contrary to initial reports, a “conservative Republican.” We also know he targeted Christians. The latter of those facts makes this story more cumbersome for the media, which means they will now push gun control in a full throated fashion and do their best to never mention the details of the Oregon shooting again.

For the media and the President, the agenda is more important than the facts. The need for more laws is more important than the efficacy of those laws. The need to “just do something” is vastly more important than doing the right thing, the best thing, or the thing that will work.

And, of course, to the left, the only thing that will work is taking away people’s guns.

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