Donald Trump Or Third Party Before John Kasich

John Kasich is an insufferable douche who thinks Jesus told him to expand government in Ohio, particularly Obamacare, where now costs are going up, government spending is going up (despite what Kasich says), and Kasich has hired Democrats to make him likable. About the only people who like Kasich are the Circle of Jerks who make up the DC-NYC media and are overwhelmingly Democrat. So of course they love the guy who expanded Obamacare.


An FGA Action poll shows what a PPP Poll is showing. Kasich really is not growing anywhere. He remains on the Republican debate stage to tell all the Republicans how they should just work with Democrats and, by the way, did he mention that twenty years ago he balanced a budget. History, in fact, shows that Kasich did not even want to do that. He had to be forced into it by Newt Gingrich.

I fundamentally agree with Leon Wolf that I would vote for Donald Trump over John Kasich.

But as Kasich will not be the Republican nominee for President, I think it is also worth reiterating that I will vote third party before I’d vote for a ticket that has Kasich as Vice President.

A Republican who believes Jesus told him to expand Obamacare is not fit for either the Presidency or to be one heart beat away from the Presidency.

If Kasich is the nominee for Vice President, I will not support the Republican ticket. It would be the death of the GOP as we know it. It will have caved on every fight, including Obamacare, utterly and completely.



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