Senate Republicans Gear Up for Failure Theater

Get ready. The Senate Republicans are about to engage in one of their regular bouts of “failure theater,” that favorite show of theirs where they pound their chests, declare their loyalty to the cause, and arrange the game so they are guaranteed to lose while telling you how hard they fought.

Just check out this quote from [mc_name name=’Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’B000575′ ]:

Sometimes, you have to go through an exercise in futility a time or two to truly prove it is an exercise in futility.

That’s right. You hicks and rube who think the government should shutdown rather than another child have his head cut off with federal tax dollars subsidizing Planned Parenthood can just go to hell. Senate Republicans are going to show you.

They’re going to declare they stand on the side of babies.

They’re going to set up a piece of legislation the Democrats will block.

Then they’ll tell you they tried, but keep the money flowing to kill children.

Republicans in Washington will do anything and everything possible to fail. They want to fail because they want you to fail. And they might get National Right to Life Committee to join them at the press conference to tell you caving is good for the babies.

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