Now We Know Why They Keep Calling Them Lone Wolves

Turns out ISIS is far stronger than the U.S. government has been telling us and the reason for all this is because Barack Obama’s top men decided to lie to everyone.

This is all pretty damning. The Daily Beast is reporting that FIFTY spies have filed complaints that intelligence on the strength of ISIS was cut, neutered, or otherwise cooked to downplay the threat of ISIS. The people doing the cooking were Barack Obama’s top people within the intelligence and defense community.

After all, Barack Obama pulled everyone out of Iraq and destabilized the region from Libya to Syria to across the Middle East. He cannot have you knowing that ISIS was far stronger than they thought because you might ask why we did nothing about it except laugh them off as junior varsity.

But what’s more, you might then suspect that the terror attacks we have seen in this country like the one in Chattanooga were more than just lone wolves acting out of sympathy to ISIS. That would then raise all sorts of questions about Barack Obama’s failures.

Well, now we know ISIS is stronger that the government has let on the the Obama Administration’s refusal to admit it is more malfeasance than incompetence.

The precious must be protected. You people are expendable.