If They Won't Fight, Destroy Them

Children had their heads cut open and their brains removed. Others were pulled, whole and intact, from freezers then carved up and sold for scrap. Brokers haggled over the prices of heads and eyes and livers and hearts. Hands and feet were tossed about. These are the things we have learned about Planned Parenthood.

What we are learning now is that Republican leaders have no inclination to fight this evil. They have for years been protected by a Washington pro-life establishment that has worked damn hard to keep Bart Stupak listed as a pro-life warrior as he sold out the cause on Obamacare. The pro-life establishment in Washington puts their Republican affiliation ahead of children who are being ripped apart.

Even now parts of the pro-life movement in Washington is collaborating with Republican leaders to come up with a way — any way — to avoid having to fight for the principles in which they claim to believe.

They think they can fight smarter. They think they can fight better. They and the Republican leaders have burning contempt for any who demand they actually break a sweat and keep a promise.

If Republicans and the Washington Pro-Life movement, when confronted by the evil documented on unedited tape, are not willing to defund Planned Parenthood, we should destroy them all, level their organizations to the ground, and spread salt on the remains (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Republicans in Washington have spent more time avoiding their constituents over the August recess than they have fighting for anything in the past several years. Now here is a perfect opportunity to stand up for smaller government, fight evil, and put the left on defense.

Already there are voices on the right saying no, but then they always say no. Already there are voices on the right saying they can’t, but then they always say they can’t. Already there are voices on the right saying the President will veto it, but the President will always veto it.

And the babies continue to die — ripped from their mothers wombs and their organs harvested.

If the Republicans will not fight this evil, they should be destroyed.

Every Republican Presidential candidates should be on record on whether they think the GOP should hold the line against funding Planned Parenthood no matter what.

If Republicans in Washington will not stop this and defund Planned Parenthood, Republican voters should take any and all action to destroy the party at the ballot box. If this party will not fight this evil, it will fight no evil and should itself die.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.