Donald Trump Got the Better of Jorge Ramos and the Media Knows It

Donald Trump threw Univision’s Jorge Ramos out of a press conference in Iowa yesterday.

Ramos is a self-absorbed, self-righteous leftwing activist the media allows to act as a journalist. He is more agenda driven than the entire cast of MSNBC.

The media is outraged!!! outraged!!! that Donald Trump threw the guy out — never mind that he let Ramos back in to ask questions. Trump then had the audacity to get the better of Ramos in the exchange.

All the media headlines had to go back to Ramos getting ejected from the press conference once Donald Trump mopped the floor with the guy. Even reporters were privately emailing that Trump got the better of Ramos in the exchange.

What is really amazing is that the media is more outraged with Trump throwing Ramos out of the press conference than they are at Barack Obama sending the Department of Justice after reporters.

Is it any wonder the American people hate the America Circle of Jerks who allegedly report the news.