Hey Lester Holt (@LesterHoltNBC) and Patrick Burkey (@PatBurkey), Why Cecil and Not Cecile?

Cecil the Lion died in Africa and Lester Holt of NBC News and his Executive Producer, Patrick Burkey, made sure the world knew.

But here at home, Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood is leading an organization that is crushing the heads of children, harvesting their brains, hearts, lungs, livers, and other viable organs, and selling them for a significant amount of money.


Planned Parenthood has hired a Democratic communications firm that has been pressuring the media to avoid covering the scandal at all. It appears to be working. Holt and Burkey have avoided the story like the plague. According to the Media Research Center, their network and the others gave more coverage to Cecil the Lion in twenty-four hours than to the Planned Parenthood story since July 14th to now.

Let’s review the bidding.

We first saw Planned Parenthood employees discuss harvesting organs. Planned Parenthood responded that they did so, but not for profit.

We then saw Planned Parenthood employees haggling with buyers over price, demanding higher prices.

Then we saw behind the scenes where they had a buyers market. Children’s body parts were around the room.

The response from Planned Parenthood went from denial to hiring a crisis communications firm well connected to Democrats and members of the press that has demanded the press not cover the story. In fact, after the Politico tweeted out that Planned Parenthood wanted the press to “suppress” the story, the Politico even deleted that tweet.


Those of you concerned should call Patrick Burkey and Lester Holt at 212-664-4971 and ask why they are shying away from this story.


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