Coca-Cola (@CocaCola) Says No to Planned Parenthood [updated]

Coca-Cola was listed as a corporate supporter of Planned Parenthood. They were on Planned Parenthood’s website. Various other outlets had attached Coca-Cola to Planned Parenthood.


This morning I received this email:


I work for The Coca-Cola Company’s Public Affairs and Communications team and wanted to clarify something Mr. Erickson discussed regarding our company and Planned Parenthood.

We do not contribute to Planned Parenthood, and employee gifts to Planned Parenthood are not matched.

Please let me know if there are any follow up questions. We believe it’s important to set the record straight and trust that WSB and Mr. Erickson will help us in correcting this information for your listeners.

I’ll take it.

I got a follow up email from Coca-Cola’s communications team with this information:

Just want to clarify, we did not change our policy – in fact, we have never matched employee gifts to Planned Parenthood. We were not listed as a corporate sponsor on Planned Parenthood’s website – we were listed among companies that match employee gifts. The implication was that gifts to them would be matched. This is why we asked them to correct their site.


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