Apple, Inc. Has Little Interest in Conservative News Voices

I knew this was going to happen. I wrote about it a few weeks ago. It was my impression that Apple, in preparing a news service, would set it up in such a way as to make right-wing and orthodox Christian voices disappear.


Sure enough.

I just set up Apple News on my iPad. Here is the start screen.

IMG 0001

So we have the left-wing New York Times and the left-wing Slate already added for me.

Then below them we get the left-wing Vanity Fair, the left-wing Vox, oh we get BuzzFeed just below that. In fact, if you scroll down to row eleven, you get Fox News.

But that’s it. There is no RedState or Federalist or Weekly Standard or National Review or Washington Examiner. Hell, there was not even a Wall Street Journal.

So I went to add some non-leftist propaganda sites and was met with this screen to add new sources.

IMG 0002

So the leftwing Talking Points Memo, Daily Beast, New Republic, Slate, and Mother Jones appear abouve really any conservative site other than the Washington Times.

Among the sites that are auto-selected is the left of center Slate. No conservative site is auto added.


This is the future of Apple and Facebook controlling the news. There’ll be no Russell Moore. There’ll be no Franklin Graham. There’ll be no RC Sproul or John Piper or First Things.

There’ll be no conservative sites either.

It’ll be the left and their allies in control by default. Only those who seek out other opinions will be rewarded. But it’ll be a difficult thing to find out along the way.

I’m not surprised by this. But I sure am disappointed.


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