We Already Know What Will Happen

We already know what is going to happen with Iran. In a few years, there will be an underground nuclear detonation signaling that Iran has learned to make a bomb and is deploying a nuclear arsenal. It will destabilize the region and provoke a war that is even now foreseeable.


But until the moment the seismographs register the nuclear explosion, Democrats and the media will deny the possibility.

We know this will happen.

We know it from recent history. Mitt Romney publicly spoke about the dangers of Chinese hackers and the Chinese stance toward our national security. He was mocked my supposed foreign policy experts. He was maligned by a press corps that thinks itself an expert on these matters. And he has been proven right.

The same happened with Russia. The media attacked Mitt Romney for the audacity of suggesting Hillary Clinton’s reset with Russia was not really a reset so much as a signal that we could be taken.

The very same media that ridiculed and maligned Mitt Romney as out of his league is already heralding the President’s deal with Iran as some great and grand scheme to give us peace in our times.


The Democrat Party is in open celebration. Barack Obama deserves a second Nobel Prize. It is all about protecting the precious for them.

And it will remain that way until Iran signals that it has a bomb. War will begin. The right and Israel will be proven correct. But by then it will be too late.

President Obama brings the world one step closer to war, but the media that has defended the precious for so long will keep doing so. They are invested in the legacy of the man they made.


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