Beam Me Up Scotty. The funniest line in any news article this week.

Texas has a stockpile of gold. That gold is kept in New York City in an underground vault managed by HSBC. Texas has decided it wants all its gold back in Texas.


Earlier this year, Governor Greg Abbott signed a law that had sailed through the Texas Legislature. It sets up a depository facility in Texas that will house all of Texas’s gold inside Texas. According to the Associated Press, Texas’s gold measures “about 20 square feet”. I’m thinking that should be cubic feet, but no matter. That’s not the best part.

In examining how Texas might get its actual, physical gold home from New York City, we find this gem, which is the funniest line in any news article this week:

It’s unclear whether repatriating it could be done with an electronic transfer or would require a fleet of planes or armored cars.

Yes, Scotty is going to beam it to Texas.


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