Rush Is Right

This morning at 6:15 am ET, I will be on Fox & Friends. The kicking off point for the conversation is Rush Limbaugh’s comment that the Confederate flag is just the starting point for a leftwing assault on American culture at large. The left is led by a President who himself has said our nation is not really special. After all, every other nation thinks it is special too.


In Colorado, black protestors have burned the American flag. Ironically, it was the American flag that Dylann Roof burned too. Both groups find it to be oppressive and imperialistic. Last night, Louis Farrakhan wondered why black people pledge allegiance to the American flag because they get no justice.

In California, public schools banned students wearing the American flag on clothing to avoid offending immigrants. The University of California at Irvine’s student government considered banning displays of the American flag on campus.

But it is not about the flag. That was Rush’s point. He and we all see where this is headed. It’s like the gay marriage left. Ten years ago they were saying what they wanted was not marriage, but civil unions. Then they not only forced homosexual marriage down our throats, but are now driving from business any who dissent. On the cusp of an undemocratic victory, they are now starting to walk back all their talk about polygamy not being their next goal.

The undercurrent here is not marriage, it is not the flag, but rather it is American culture itself. The left has always found contempt in the idea that this nation is the last best hope for mankind. It has viewed the very idea as jingoistic, juvenile nonsense.


The left looks at the American flag and sees it as a symbol of oppression. It sees the Declaration of Independence and Constitution as documents written by rich, white, male slave owners merely protecting themselves at the expense of everyone else. The left sees America as not only full of inequality, but in need of fundamental transformation. It takes slavery as America’s original sin, but the American left, like its Communism, Nazi, Fascist, and ISIS socialist/totalitarian cousins, has no concept of grace or forgiveness, only conversion or else.

The University of California system now says referring to our culture as a “melting pot” is a “micro-aggression.” Claiming that in America if you work hard you can succeed is also a micro-aggression, the system is instructing faculty to consider carefully before saying such things. In fact, the left believes the idea of cultural assimiliation and a melting pot is a bad thing. We’re now supposed to be a “salad bowl” where the bits never merge into one unique whole. Just look at the Washington Post and New Republic’s attacks attacks on Bobby Jindal for becoming Americanized culturally.


The American meritocracy, according to the left, is a dream conjured up by old white men and they want to tear down those dreams, disabuse you of quaint notions, silence dissent, then make you care. And if you decide you care in a way different from them, well good luck finding a job.

This is bigger than a flag. The Confederate flag is just a jumping off point. They’ll move from there on to monuments, county names, state flags, and other areas named first for Confederates and Southern slave owners. They have to first tear down the Southern ideals and militaristic culture that still thrive down south. As Rush said on the radio:

“Southern culture is considered conservative, which is racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe. They’re getting rid of the flag, and they’re gonna get rid of any other poll they can. But it’s all about destroying what they think is the last Republican geographic stronghold.

That’s just the starting point though. Once they’ve convinced everyone those need to go, they’ll move rapidly to the American flag across the country and American culture overall.

This is not some sort of pipe dream conjured up by conservatives. We see it already happening in Europe. Displaying the English flag in England is considered racist. Suggesting there is a real British culture is a shameful thing to do. The concept of loyalty to the country is becoming controversial and the Labour Leader demanded the nation ban Islamophobia during the most recent election.


It’s a cultural revolution slower than Mao’s pace, but with the same destination — a left wing utopia that never really exists, but once you get there if you say otherwise your next meal might wind up being a lead sandwich. And the President’s top and longest serving advisor has the right family background to push in that direction.

Rush is right. Don’t doubt him on this.


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