The Left Still Struggles With Military Heroism

An interesting thing played out online yesterday. The left, accidentally, showed just how little it understands the military and our nation’s military history.

It all started with Battleground Texas of Wendy Davis fame. They tweeted out a picture in honor of Memorial Day. The only problem was I’m really sure they had no idea on the day started by the Grand Army of the Republic to honor Union soldiers, their picture was of the Confederate graves at the Texas State Cemetery. Now, I personally don’t have a problem with that as Memorial Day, as we now know it, intended to honor all Americans who died — merging the Union and Confederate Memorial Day celebrations (celebrated on different days) into one common holiday. But, in Texas, Confederate Heroes Day is still celebrated, just on January 19th, not the last Monday in May.

Again, I have no problem with that, but I’m really sure that the lefty kids at Battleground Texas had no idea that they’d be using Confederate soldiers’ graves to honor the dead on Memorial Day.

That gets us to Jamil Smith, an editor at The New Republic. I realize all the high caliber people left The New Republic when its owners decided to turn it into BuzzFeed-Lite, but this is still ridiculous. Mr. Smith wondered why there is not a holiday to honor military members who have not died.

He might not have heard of Veterans Day.

And that, finally, gets us to the kids at Juice Vox Media. The rather unaccomplished Dylan Matthews penned a piece that the also rather unaccomplished Ezra Klein referred to as “powerful.”

That “powerful” piece? The title says it all: “It’s time we have a holiday to honor those who try to stop wars too”.

Yes, that’s right. The kids at Juice Vox Media want a holiday to celebrate those who stood up against our fight with the Nazi, opposed the union’s fight’s with the Confederacy, and just said no to driving Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. In other words, the Academy Awards are not enough for these kids.

The United States has set aside two days to honor our soldiers, sailors, and Marines. We honor those who died with Memorial Day and honor those who served with Veterans Day. As a nation, we have drifted away from the time it was expected our President might have served. But even our Presidents who have not served have worked to honor our military. Contrary to the kids at Juice Vox Media, we already have two holidays to honor those who try to stop wars — Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

The left, however, has always shown an ambivalence to our military and our history. They’ve tried in the public to say the right things, but occasionally they reveal their ambivalence and ignorance of the whole thing. This won’t stop them from continuing to demand we follow their policy prescriptions on the military and veterans’ care.