Marco Rubio Will Join Us At the RedState Gathering

I should have put this in the announcement the other day. But apparently, for reasons I cannot fathom, Apple’s iCloud decided to start sending stuff to a junk folder even though I don’t want it to. And there I found an email from Rubio’s team from last week saying he would be at the RedState Gathering.


So that’s awesome. Rubio was the first Senate candidate RedState got behind. In February of 2009, Rubio was at 3% in the polls in Florida, the NRSC was backing Charlie Crist, and I declared his race a hill to die on for conservatives. We started a boycott of grassroots donations to the NRSC, had [mc_name name=’Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001056′ ] ask us to stop complaining on his Facebook page, and saw Rubio clean Crist’s clock. Rubio was one of the speakers at our first RedState Gathering in Atlanta.

Now he is running for President of the United States and I am so excited to welcome him back not just to the Gathering, but also to Atlanta.

This announcement now comes on the heels of Rubio picking up Josh Mandel’s endorsement in Ohio. Mandel, another candidate RedState has supported, is the State Treasurer in Ohio and he’s been making all the right enemies by daring to do the unheard of — putting the state’s checkbook online for all taxpayers to see. The Ohio Republican Party is attacking Mandel for his Rubio endorsement because Obamacare loving John Kasich, the current Ohio Governor, might run.


This is shaping up to be the best RedState Gathering ever. You can go to to register for the event. I cannot wait to see you in Atlanta.


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