When Death Threats Become "Market Forces"

Alyssa Marino of ABC 57 in South Bend, IN, went into Memories Pizza, a Christian owned business twenty miles from South Bend. The pizza restaurant owner defended the state’s RFRA law.


Though the owner made clear that they would gladly serve gay customers, Alyssa Marino and ABC 57 decided to play up the fact that Memories Pizza’s owners said they’d never serve pizza for a gay wedding. The owner, by the way, pointed out that they’d never been asked to do that in the first place. And no gay person would ever serve pizza at their wedding. Come on!

In any event, for daring to be honest and because Alyssa Marino and ABC 57 played up the “no gay wedding” and waited till the very end of their story to point out Memories Pizza would gladly serve gay customers, the pizza restaurant came under attack. It’s computer system was hacked, its employees received death threats, and gay rights supporters called for the business to be burned to the ground.

Many of those doing it, no doubt, have “coexist” bumper stickers on their cars.

Memories Pizza had to stay closed today because of the death threats, arson threats, and computer hackings. Jay Bookman, a liberal columnist for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, tweeted that the pizza restaurant closed because of “market forces.”


Turns out that Jay Bookman did not know about the death threats and arson threats and hackings. He just felt like mouthing off. It is, I suspect, like the many reporters and pundits who have opined and “reported” on the various religious liberty proposals around the country without ever reading them.

By the way, what does it say about Jay Bookman that he thinks “market forces” could put a pizza place out of business in 12 hours?!


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