Obama to Catholic Church: Treat Divorced People and Gays Differently Or Else

The Catholic Church operates a private school in Macon, Georgia.

Flint Dollar was their band teacher. He is openly gay. The Catholic Church position is that being gay is not, in and of itself a sin. Rather, non-marital sex is a sin. Likewise, marriage is a sacrament in the Catholic Church — a bond between one man and one woman.

The Catholic Church does not approve of people teaching at Mount de Sales if they’ve violated the sacraments of the church. Teachers who get divorced are let go. Flint Dollar also wants to violate a sacrament of the church. He wants to get married to another man. The Church, as a result, dismissed him.

Now the Obama Administration is telling the Catholic Church it must treat gays and divorced heterosexuals differently Flint Dollar sued claiming he was not conforming to his gender because he wants to marry a guy. The EEOC says they’re fine with that.

Pope Francis and the Catholic Church will be made to care — on the same day Georgia Republicans have said RFRA is not needed in Georgia.