Do Not Descend Into That

One of the bits of guilt I carry around over running RedState is that I am often given credit for the great work of others. Leon Wolf, not me, wrote this tremendous piece on the Ferguson Police Department. Though I did not write it, I agree with it and hope you will read it.

In the process of some giving me credit, however, some too issue with it. The criticism was the same with each complaint. We cannot or should not believe anything from the Obama Administration, including this report. We cannot and should not accept their word on anything or accept what they attribute as facts.

Those are fair points for partisans. But in this case we should not descend to that. Not everything is political. Truth and justice should not be. We have seen too many try to keep wounds open and stir up controversy over deaths and crimes and law enforcement when there should not be.

Leon Wolf not only read the report, but he read the documentation in the report. Here’s the thing — take away all the Justice Department’s commentary. Strip away all the accusations and commentary and written implications. Just read the Ferguson City Government in its own words. What you find is exactly what Leon Wolf wrote. This is a city that is profoundly corrupt, that uses law enforcement as revenue agents, and targets the poor because they are least likely to push back.

If you must make a partisan point, go ahead and point out that this is a Democrat Party run city. But we should not have to descend into partisan points.

The City of Ferguson has failed its citizens. We should all be horrified. We should not make it political and we should not defend Ferguson, MO. Do not descend into that which we often accuse the other side of becoming. Be outraged, but not at Eric Holder. Be outraged at the people who govern Ferguson, MO.

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