The Line Between Islamic Extremists and Gay Rights Extremists

We have another life targeted for destruction by the gay rights community. Barronelle Stutzman, an evangelical Christian, declined to provide flowers for the homosexual wedding of a long time customer of hers. The customer was gay and, again, a long time customer. Barronelle Stutzman is now going to lose her business, her life savings, and possibly her own home for putting her faith into practice. Both her customer and the State of Oregon are taking everything she has for not bowing at the altar of sexual sin.


In Denmark, France, and elsewhere we have seen Islamic extremists take lives because of the Islamic extremists’ beliefs. They do not want tolerance. They do not want pluralism. They do not want to show respect to the views of others. They will take life for being offended. There will be no magnanimity and there will be no mercy.

In taking life, the Islamic extremists want the public spectacle. They want not just revenge, but they also want to make others fear and second guess doing the same. They want to silence others and drive them from the town square. They use death and violence to do it.

Gay rights activists, with few exceptions like Floyd Lee Corkins and the guy in North Carolina last week, have not turned physically violent. But they are intent on destroying any who disagree with them. They will take the homes, businesses, and life savings of any who defy them. They will use the tools of the state and mob action through boycotts, fear, and intimidation to make it happen. They will not kill but they will threaten and scare.

Someone on twitter the other day noted that the struggle for civil rights and gay rights are not the same. You don’t need a rainbow sticker on the back of your car to let people know you’re black, the person on twitter noted. Nonetheless, gay rights activists have decided to equate their struggle for marriage with that of the civil rights movement. They are not, however, going about it peacefully or in the same way. They are not, as Martin Luther King, Jr., did, urging white Christians to be better Christians. Instead, they are using the state to ruin Christians who try to practice their faith. There will be no magnanimity and there will be no mercy. There will be no going down the street to another florist, baker, or photographer.


The divide between Islamic extremists and gay rights extremists is at death. They meet on the line at destruction. Barronelle Stutzman is going to lose her business, her savings, and possibly her home. She will be financially and publicly ruined for her Christian faith. In Oregon, for the same reasons, Aaron and Melissa Klein and their five children will lose their home, business, and income. They would not bake a cake for a homosexual wedding. These people served gay clients. Their faith compelled them, however, to not provide for a homosexual wedding — that ceremony creating the one relationship between people in life ordained by God to be between a man and a woman.

In Atlanta, Georgia, for professing his belief that his chief job was to “glorify God” and for treating all sexual sin as sin, Atlanta’s Fire Chief was driven from his job by gay rights activists. Any who defy gay rights activists are labeled bigots unworthy of attention, jobs, or meaningful opportunities in the town square.

You will be made to care on this issue. Yes, you will first be made to shut up. Through fear, intimidation, and lawsuit you will be made to shut up, driven from the town square, then made to care. And if you care the right way you will be able to live on the fringes of society. Otherwise you will be driven out of society.


The gay rights activists who yell “bigot” at those who disagree with them are the Imams of America’s cultural ghetto. They will incite injury, financial or otherwise, to those who disagree with them because they tire of the debate and never wanted it to begin with. They want victory and know the only way to get it is to destroy, ruin, and shut up any who get in their way. They hide being polling showing gay marriage should be legal because of plurality or majority support, but then reject polling that shows a clear majority of Americans think people should not be forced to provide goods and services for homosexual weddings.

Christians should, however, take heart. The faith that continued to flourish and spread while its adherents’ bodies were being used to light the streets of Rome will survive this present turmoil. At a minimum, Christians have more children than homosexuals. We also have a God who stands with us, loves us, and will see us through to eternity.


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